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the design world. Luckily, many graphic designers love to share the new and exciting things they have discovered.
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General Inspiration
This is more of a design resource store because it sells fonts and stock images, however the things they sell are pretty inspirational. No need to buy, just check out what amazing designs they have collected.

Now this is the epitome of a blog, it has a lot of text and nearly no photos. However, this blog has valid things to say so don't be discouraged from the lack of visual elements.

The Design Sponge is more of a general design blog, it features everything from interior design to product design.

This website is a great resource for web designs and other design resources. The down side is it is riddled with ads and the layout design is not very inspirational.

Steven Heller is the most prolific design writers today. He has written so many books it's hard to keep track of. His contribution doesn't not stop there, he also has a daily blog that features things that inspire him.
Daily Heller

A great daily collection of design inspiration, running from illustration to featured typefaces.



It is the frosting of graphic design. You don't always need type, but having it makes our designs all the more sweeter. Some bloggers feel the same way, especially those at House Industries. Check out the type foundry website, as well as Ken Barber's ode to type and lettering.

This blog has the typical layout, but supplies links, images and articles about designs and products that have interesting or beautiful type.

My teacher told me to use a smart quote, what's that? Any typographic questions can probably be answered by this typographer's forum. You will also learn about events and resources on the subject.

Warning: Inspiration overload is possible, proceed with caution.